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Making each step worth, we are striving to perfect the art of Agile Solutions

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What do we do?

IT Consulting

Through the latests IT methodologies and technologies, together we help you on the road to success

Software Development

You bring your idea we make it happen... as simple as that.

Agile Coaching

Tired of working in the 90'? our quailified team will guide you through the migration from the current situation to a lean mindset.

Idea & Research Factory

Feel free to reach us and ask what cool thing we are developing in our labs.

Support & Outsourcing

Since 2004 we learned how to balance onshore and offshore efforts. Do you want a team offshore, working as smoothly as if it were onshore? Drop us a line.

Training & Courses

Agile and Scrum onsite training and courses. We aim to provide our clients with principles and techniques that will thrive Fast Delivery and Continuous Integration.

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We dream, to be better.
We work, to reach our dreams.
We share, to keep on dreaming together.


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About us

Why? Why to speak about us, when we can hear about you? We want to listen to your concerns, troubles, plans for the future, happy stories, everything!. The first step to help you is to know you!

But, if you still want to know about us:

We are small group of people who creates solutions.

We believe that every problem has its own context and variables, and there isn't ONE magical technology approach or tool to solve it all. Thanks to this "simple" belief WE, YOU and US, can create YOUR solution.

We always strive to be excellent, this is the only way for us to continue saying "Trust us, we can help you" without a hint of doubt.

We belive in commitment, and we belive in building relationships, we make your problems our problems and we won't stop until we work them out together.

Want to know more?. Call us!, scroll down and look for us in the globe, maybe one of our offices is near by, and if it is not, you can always mail us, or call us.

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